Mothering Matters

We do not value motherhood nearly enough. If we did, wouldn’t we eradicate childbirth injuries and trauma? Wouldn’t we support mothers suffering from postpartum mental health issues? Wouldn’t every new mother be given proper time to bond with her child and recover her health without risk of losing her job? Wouldn’t we not assume that

Kindness Matters

Kindness an essential part of maternity care Kindness is a difficult attribute to define, but not to illustrate. Each of us, if asked, could tell personal stories about when we have been treated kindly and when we have been treated unkindly. We know it when we experience it, and we recognize when it isn’t there.

Mother’s Day 2024

Today, we're celebrating mothers for all they do Today and every day, we are grateful for the many mothers and other women whose strength and resilience keep our families and communities together. We acknowledge there are many different types of mothers – birth or biological mothers, surrogate mothers, foster mothers and adoptive mothers – who

International Day of the Midwife

Let’s reflect on what midwives do Midwives respect and have confidence in women and in their capabilities in childbirth. Midwives promote and respect women’s and newborn’s health rights. Midwives promote and advocate for non-intervention in normal childbirth. Midwives provide women with appropriate information and advice in a way that promotes participation and enhances informed decision

International Day of the Midwife

5 May 2024 We acknowledge the amazing midwives who provide crucial care and support for families during pregnancy, labour, birth and transitioning to mothering. Thank you for your care, your support and your understanding - it really does make a difference. Here we share some quotes from families on their experience of midwifery care. ‘My

Maternal Health Series

Maternity and Art The ANU Gender Institute and Maternal Health Matters Inc. invite you to join us online for the third in our seminar series that will explore the impact of maternity on women’s wellbeing and the transition to parenting. Time 6.00 to 7.30 pm Date Thursday 9th May, 2024 Registration ASAP not to miss


Disrespect in health care is an injustice The Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, Jan 2024 editorial says that injustice in health systems are hidden from public view, owing to the persistent marginalisation of certain groups of people, most especially, the socially disadvantaged groups who are most at risk of being disrespected. Disrespect –


Consent and refusal of procedures during labour and birth Not involving a woman fully in decision making, results in her discomfort and disempowerment = disrespectful care Informed consent is ethically and legally required.  Informed consent is an important aspect of woman-centred care. Not being asked for consent for procedures during labour and birth is an

Language matters

The words we use can heal and harm “Poor communication contributed to 9 in 10 cases of birth trauma.” USA Birth Trauma Association Survey, 2020 We cannot reduce birth trauma without considering language. In 2018, Make Birth Better asked people to share words and phrases said to them during pregnancy and birth that contributed to

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