We do not value motherhood nearly enough.

If we did, wouldn’t we eradicate childbirth injuries and trauma?

Wouldn’t we support mothers suffering from postpartum mental health issues?

Wouldn’t every new mother be given proper time to bond with her child and recover her health without risk of losing her job?

Wouldn’t we not assume that all women everywhere are destined to become mothers, thereby devaluing motherhood as an inevitability rather than an aspiration?

Wouldn’t childcare and domestic responsibilities be evenly divided?

And wouldn’t we truly make motherhood a choice by giving women and girls the information, resources and support they need: Access to sexual and reproductive health services, comprehensive sexuality education, family planning services and contraception, access to higher education and economic opportunities, protection from violence and above all, gender equality that would render the world safer, healthier and more prosperous not only for them but for everyone.

From – https://www.unfpa.org/news/5-things-know-about-motherhood