5 May 2024

We acknowledge the amazing midwives who provide crucial care and support for families during pregnancy, labour, birth and transitioning to mothering.

Thank you for your care, your support and your understanding – it really does make a difference.

Here we share some quotes from families on their experience of midwifery care.

‘My maternity care eased the transition. I was lucky to have continuity of care and my amazing midwife conducted home visits for a week or so following the birth. This was extremely comforting and practically helpful.”

 “I had an incredibly empowering birth that left me feeling really proud of my achievements. It filled me with confidence. The midwives prepared me well antenatally for breastfeeding and were available for support postnatally.”

 “Midwifery continuity of care was amazing and allowed me to develop trust in the midwife and my body. Made me feel comfortable and supported as a new mum. Especially being seen postnatally at home for up to 6 weeks.”

 “I was very supported with breastfeeding education prior to giving birth, my midwife was very helpful in establishing breastfeeding in the first hour after birth. There was continual education and support for breastfeeding in the six week aftercare period we had with our midwife.”