Let’s reflect on what midwives do

Midwives respect and have confidence in women and in their capabilities in childbirth.

Midwives promote and respect women’s and newborn’s health rights.

Midwives promote and advocate for non-intervention in normal childbirth.

Midwives provide women with appropriate information and advice in a way that promotes participation and enhances informed decision making.

Midwives offer respectful, anticipatory and flexible care, which encompasses the needs of the woman, her newborn, family and community and begins with primary attention to the nature of relationship between the woman seeking maternity care and the midwife.

Midwives empower women to assume / take responsibility for their health and well-being and for the health of their families,

Midwives practice in collaboration and consultation with other health professionals to serve the needs of the women and her newborn, family and community.

Midwives maintain the competence and ensure their practice is evidenced based.

Midwives use technology appropriately and affect referral in a timely manner when problems arise.

Midwives are individually and collectively responsible for the development of midwifery care, education the new generations of midwives in the concept of lifelong learning.

Reference: https://internationalmidwives.org/resources/philosophy-and-model-of-midwifery-care/