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Maternal Decisions

Women’s rights to refuse recommended care All competent adults have the right to refuse treatment. A woman’s pregnancy status does not impact on her right to self-determination however uncomfortable and conflicted this may make others feel.  Autonomy is essential for respectful maternity care. Queensland Health have developed a policy that recognises women’s rights to refuse

World Health Day – 7 April, 2022

World Health Day One of the smartest investments a society can make is to foster the health of its mothers.  A healthy, strong and confident mother gives a baby the best start at birth, influencing the long-term wellness of her child. Healthy mothers raise healthier children, which boosts the productivity and stability of communities and

Maternity care needs humanising.

Obstetric Violence as an Infringement of Basic Ethical Principles. Obstetric violence is still far too invisible; the word “violence” generates rejection. Obstetric violence is complex to define and typify, as it is a subjective experience. It has been widely analysed from legal, sociological, and clinical perspectives, but not equally so from the bioethical point of

Midwifery 2030: a woman’s pathway to health. This article explores a vision for safe, quality and respectful maternity care - Midwifery 2030: a woman’s pathway to health. This pathway considers four stages of a woman’s reproductive life: (1) pre-pregnancy, (2) pregnancy, (3) labour and birth, and (4) postnatal, and describes the care that women and

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