Health literacy is a societal responsibility

Key determinants in someone’s pregnancy are their knowledge of how to be healthy, and how to find their way through a health system.

The idea that society—not only an individual—is responsible for this ‘health literacy’ is central to a new World Health Organisation report.

This report reflects what women tell us. What women want, as well as dignity and autonomy, is a knowledge of the options available to them.

The biggest impact on birth outcomes will be where a woman births, who provides maternity care and in what model of care. These choices are the first step towards a healthy and happy start for both mother and child.

To make these choices women require accurate, factual, unbiased information to make their own decisions. This sentiment was reflected in survey response where women wanted access to more information about birthing options/locations / models of care / support options.

Let’s ensure policy makers heed the WHO Report.

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