Women are not the problem – they are the solution

We call on governments and maternity care providers to refocus the maternity care discussion.
Women are often made out to be the problem in maternity care. This causes suffering both physically and mentally for women.
A Problem is something we do understand and thus we do not know how to control or remedy the situation.
Problems can be solved by wisdom and that process has to start in each individual’s own mind first.
Wisdom is an insight into the elements of truth. Wisdom is the understanding of the right relations between things. Wisdom arises from right and reasonable thinking. To have wisdom requires humility, good purpose and the right way.
Humility is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself.
Good purpose exterminates passion, bias and mistruths. Good purpose benefits all human beings.
The right way is the moral path – to do good and not to cause problems to ourselves and others.
The World Health Organisation challenges health practitioners to ask:
Why don’t we offer a service that women will accept?”
“Why don’t women accept the service that we offer?”
We call on governments and maternity care providers to refocus the discussion and ask – Why don’t we offer care that women will accept? In asking this women become the solution not the problem.