What is the progress on the implementation of the national strategy Women Centred Care: Strategic Directions for Australian maternity services.

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We want to know a status report on the implementation of the national policy Women Centred Care: Strategic Directions for Australian maternity services. The strategy seeks improve maternity care services by providing respectful maternity care through ensuring women’s rights are protected, increase access to continuity of midwifery carer, look at funding reform, increases in transparency of outcomes of care providers and collect data around maternal satisfaction.

This policy was launched in November 2019 yet is currently not being progressed in all states and territories.

In anticipation, thank you for supporting this effort.

Link to letter: https://maternalhealth.good.do/maternalhealth/MaternityAdvocacy/?fbclid=IwAR0QOqS6ZJGfn33YNDjXg_W3RxzynCbEm6CCEuBK2EY_cf71vir18lk-NSI

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