Inaugural Parliamentary Friends for Maternal Health Forum

The first Parliamentary Friends Forum for Maternal Health was held on 7 September 2023.

Thank you to Ms Alicia Payne MP (member for Canberra), Dr Helen Haines MP (Member for Indi) and Mr Liew O’Brien MP (Member for Wide Bay) for establishing Parliamentary Friends for Maternal Health.

The Hon Ged Kearney MP joined the meeting and spoke of her commitment to maternal health. Nationals Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional Health Anne Webster MP spoke of her experiences of maternity care and how the memories stay with you.

Professor Caroline Homer AO presented on Why Maternal Health Matters. She rightly pointed out it should matter to everyone.

The three consumers on the consumer panel, moderated by Maternity Consumer Network, presented personal stories and how their maternity care has a lasting impact. Lindsay shared her experience of a roadside birth and Edwina shared her experiences of finding the right maternity care for her. Yvette spoke to how successful the Birthing on Country Model of Care is in achieving good outcomes for First Nation women.  Thank you Yvette, Edwina and Lindsay

Maternal Health Matters showed a video – Respectful Maternity Care @

A special thank you to the sponsors of the event – Maternity Choices Australia, Australian College of Midwives, Dr Sophie Block, Human Rights in Childbirth, Anna Cusack, Homebirth NSW, Maternity Consumer Network, and Maternal Health Matters Inc.

MHMs looks forward to continuing this important conversation about women’s right to access respectful maternity care and how we can get the best outcomes for mothers, babies, families and our nation.