Happy Father’s Day

Today, we acknowledge the caring fathers that can be great supports throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and that becoming a father can the most significant transition of their adult lives.

Respectful maternity care is respect for women’s’ choices and preferences, including companion of choice during maternity care.

Studies have shown that the mere presence of the partner makes birthing women feel valued, cared for, and appreciated. A well prepared partner has a positive effect for the birthing woman, which can promote a positive birth experience.  Women who have the support of a partner during labour feel more positive about the birth.

While most fathers find the moment of birth exciting and wonderful, many feel helpless and distressed to see their partner in pain during labour. Preparing fathers to cope with their partner’s experiences may lead to a more satisfying pregnancy, birth and transition to parenting experience for both partners.

We thank you fathers, father figures, and all supportive partners.