The humanistic approach – relationship based care

New research is very relevant to maternity care where the focus on physical health and the baby dehumanises the mother treating her as a vessel or a baby-making machine.

We love the concept of whole person care that recognises the multiple dimensions of personhood, sensitivity to another’s needs; valuing involvement of the consumer, respecting and appreciating others perspective and acknowledging the shared human condition.

We know:

Healthcare’s focus on physical disease and bio-medicine is unbalancedWe need to pay much more attention to emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing and the huge importance of healing relationships” Robin Youngson

The researchers state:
The decline in attention to the experience and impact of illness on patients that has accompanied advances in the scientific and biomedical aspects of medicine was lamented many decades ago, [], and remains an issue today [] . For example, patients and their families express dissatisfaction with communication and emotional support in the medical care they receive [].

In this article, Humanism in medicine is described through five themes representing core attitudes and behaviours:
• whole person care,
• valuing,
• perspective-taking,
• recognizing universality, and
• relational focus.

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